About Natalie Diamonds

We are a fourth-generation family run Jewelry business, with many years of devotion and experience.
In 2011 we decided to launch an online store, and Natalie Diamonds was born.
Natalie Diamonds offers a unique and original selection of high class diamond engagement rings, by designing and manufacturing all in-house. We have a dedicated team of some of the best designers, Gemologists and Diamond setters in the world.
After many years in the diamond industry we are excited as ever to share our rich experience, knowledge and never ending passion for fine diamond jewelry. By shopping at Natalie Diamonds, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality, at great prices, accompanied by fantastic customer service and support.


Every diamond sold by Natalie Diamonds has been analyzed and graded by the Universal Gemological Institute (UGI). UGI Laboratories is a highly respected diamond grading institute. Each certified diamond is tested and graded by several gemologists who use the combination between human experience and expertise, and the best gemological equipment to produce a most professional, comprehensive and accurate description of the diamond characteristics and its quality. Natalie Diamonds offer the UGI’s full gemological certificate which remains forever in UGI’s data-base and available to you on-line via UGI’s on-line verification system.

Every UGI Diamond Certificate contains all the important information one needs to evaluate his diamond in every aspect, including the full 4C’s with detailed proportion report, fluorescence grading, and other gemological information and comments such as “8 Hearts and 8 Arrows”, “Excellent ideal cut”, etc. All UGI certificates are planned for maximum security and safety and therefore are provided with security features designed specifically for your safety.

A detailed gemological lab report on the diamond you are buying is your guarantee of its attributes and therefore also of its value. Independent certification by a reputable and impartial laboratory is your assurance of quality.


At Natalie Diamonds, every diamond we sell is certified conflict-free, assuring you that our inventory was procured through legal sources. In compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberly Process, and various United Nations resolutions, the diamonds we sell have been obtained using legitimate means.

Conflict-Free Diamonds – Our Guarantee
Conflict-free diamonds are those gems which were not obtained due to human rights abuses, child labor, violence, or environmental degradation. Although the U.N.’s Kimberly Process only covers diamonds under the control of legitimate and recognized governments, conflict-free goes one step further by rejecting diamonds from governments that trade in diamonds to bankroll their conflicts.

Kimberly Compliant and America’s Patriot Act
The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was established to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources known to be conflict-free. A 2000 meeting of southern Africa diamond producing countries established guidelines for the KPCS which were later adopted by the United Nations. To ensure compliance, independent auditing systems are tasked with tracking diamonds from their place of origin to delivery. Polished diamonds sold in the US must adhere to the Patriot Act which requires that every US dealer maintain Kimberly compliance or be subject to penalties from Homeland Security, the US Justice Department, and the US Treasury.

The Natalie Diamonds Initiative
At Natalie Diamonds, we are doing our part to make sure that our customers receive conflict-free diamonds. Specifically, our internal guidelines exceed government requirements, an initiative that provides the following:

• Natalie Diamonds manufactures much of our own diamonds. Since we are the source, Natalie Diamonds has first-hand knowledge of the origins of our rough diamonds and that they are conflict-free.

• Natalie Diamonds does not purchase polished diamonds from sources which are not professional members of the diamond trade.

• Natalie Diamonds has binding contracts with our suppliers which guarantee that the diamonds they offer to us for sale are conflict-free. We understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from and we share that concern with you.

By shopping Natalie Diamonds, we strive to maintain the highest standards including sourcing diamonds from reputable providers.


As we design and perform the entire manufacturing process of all our jewelry in-house, not only are our prices competitive, but we also have complete control from beginning to end over the production of your special piece.

Every piece of jewelry purchased from Natalie Diamonds is created according to the highest industry standards and in line with our never-ending pursuit of continued self-improvement to exceed your expectations.

All designs are 100% exclusive and original, allowing us to provide the highest quality available anywhere. Only when you buy directly from the original designers will you receive precision, attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship possible.

Ring Sizing
Every ring ordered is custom made to measure rather than altered. Using the original model, the ring is altered in wax and then set in gold. This results in continuity in the ring rather than the cutting and welding which would be required if a ready-made ring was used. Furthermore, if the ring is set with small diamonds as accents, resizing a pre-made ring will cause the ring to lose its shape and diamonds to come loose. We only set our diamonds after the resizing has been done.

Diamond Setting
All of our jewelry is hand crafted, not mass produced, and all diamonds are manually set into the gold or platinum. Unlike the wax setting of diamonds which results in dull and crooked settings, by cutting the gold or platinum to set the diamonds, the metal will sparkle, the diamonds will be set very close to each other and the prongs will be tiny, allowing for maximum accuracy and beauty.

After the setting of the diamonds, each piece is placed in an ultrasonic pool to clean the ring and ensure that no diamonds can come loose. It is then hand polished and coated in rhodium (if it is white gold). A final inspection of the piece is then performed before dispatch to ensure that everything is perfect.